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Moving House Locksmith York

Moving House Locksmith York

Are you moving home? Contact us today for our new home, new locks services

If you are moving house in York or any of the surrounding areas, it may be a good idea to have your doors serviced to make sure they work correctly, and your locks checked or changed.

Alarmingly, the majority of of locks fitted to homes (even new builds) are not British Standard, and this means that break-ins can be easy, quick and quiet. Your home insurance may also be invalid without the correct standard of lock. This can be checked quickly and easily, and I’m happy to do this over the phone at no cost.

In addition, if you are moving into a new Moving House Locksmith York, it is impossible to know how many keys have previously been given to tenants, workmen, neighbours etc. Here is the best Locksmiths York Services you can check it!

Locksmith in York

Are you moving home?

Moving home and need a reliable locksmith service? Look no further! As your local locksmith in York, I, Mel, offer prompt and professional assistance to ensure your transition is smooth and secure. Contact me now for swift service without any call-out charges!

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Changing your locks with Dr Locks is easy, convenient and will be done to suit your timings and budget. Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful experiences; your moving in date may change, keys may be lost or you may find doors that you can’t open.

I operate a fully flexible service, and am always able and happy to adapt to whatever (and whenever) your needs may be. Feel free to give me a call ahead of time or on the day and any lock, key or door related issue will be solved quickly and efficiently, so that you can enjoy feeling secure in your new home.

I stock a full range of locks to suit all budgets, so it doesn’t need to be an expensive process. I carry basic locks, very reasonably priced anti-snap locks, British Standard and high security locks, and am happy to explain the different options. All products are competitively priced, and you can even ask for your locks to be ‘keyed alike’ – so that all doors can be operated with one key. This can be a great way to save carrying a bunch of keys, and also cut down on the cost of having lots of different keys cut.

Whether this is booked ahead or arranged on the day, every aspect of using Dr Locks locksmith service will be easy, professional and competitively priced. If for any reason a return visit is needed to get you the locks or security system you would like, all return visits are included in the initial labour cost. Here is the best Locksmith York you contact us now!

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