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uPVC Door Repair York

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If your uPVC door is ‘sticking’, calling a locksmith before they get stuck will save you money

If you are having to ‘force’ your door mechanism then something may be wrong. Calling a locksmith (me!) earlier – before it gets completely stuck – may mean a simple adjustment, rather than expensive parts uPVC Door Repair York.

uPVC doors can last for many years, but will eventually need some care, adjustment or repair. Whether your door is starting to ‘stick’, become difficult to lock or unlock, is ‘temperamental’ or has become stuck in the locked position, it can mostly likely be repaired. uPVC Door Repair York are a big part of our locksmith work.

If your door is becoming difficult to lock or unlock at times, it needs some attention. If you catch this early, I may be able to advise on the phone how to maintain your door and locks, and it is usually more cost effective to fix before the door has become completely stuck. Either way you may be worried that you ‘need a new door’, but this is almost never the case. 

As a locksmiths working in and around York, a lot of our work is opening a uPVC door that is stuck, and making repairs to the lock or the locking mechanism. The same is true for composite doors which can also become stuck and need to be maintained or repaired.

When we repair a uPVC Door Repair York or composite door, we will check the lock that you have. Many houses in York have locks that are very vulnerable, or under the standards often needed for insurance. Lock Change York & Upgrades do not need to be expensive, and our budget anti-snap lock is only £25 and comes with 5 keys as standard. We also carry British Standard and high security locks to offer great customer choice. Here is the best Moving house Locksmith York you can Contact us now!

uPVC Locks

90% of properties now use uPVC doors throughout the UK and there are a number of things that can go wrong with a uPVC lock. Here at Dr Locks we are specialists in upvc locking mechanism repairs and replacements. 

Here are some of the uPVC services we offer:

All our uPVC Lock replacement and upgrades are fully insurance approved and British Standard and all carry a warranty of 12 months. If you would like a free quotation please feel free to contact us today.