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Improve the security of your home or business...

You may be thinking of changing the lock on your uPVC, composite or wooden door for a number of reasons. If you are Moving House Locksmith York then it’s a very good idea to change the locks, or you may need different keys for other reasons. 

These might include a bereavement or change of tenants, a change in family circumstances, or you may have lost a key. or anything else! Whatever the reason for needing to change your locks, we will be happy to help with professionalism. 

We also work with the police and other supportive services such as IDAS, Help the Aged, housing associations and estate agents; so we are mindful of the need to work with decent, human kindness and sensitivity!

If you want your locks to be changed then you may be able to choose to upgrade the lock to something with better security, but this is certainly something that can be done on a budget too. 

We carry a range of locks, including budget anti-snap locks, British Standard locks and High Security locks so that you have the choice and are in control of the cost of the job. We will show you the difference and you can choose whatever suits your needs and budget. 

You don’t know what you don’t know – many people think all locks are alike – and you can trust us to be transparent and clear to enable you to select the right level of security for you. 

Any trained locksmith can tell how secure a lock is at a glance, and I am happy to give free advice to help you understand whether your locks meet British Standard and insurance requirements. If not, your home insurance may be invalid in the event that you need to make a claim. I am happy to provide this advice over the phone, or via email, watsapp, facetime etc. to help give you peace of mind quickly.

Unfortunately, those who operate outside the law and may seek to threaten your home or possessions can also often tell at a glance how easy or otherwise it may be to enter your house. A quick call or an exchange of watsapp pictures could easily save a lot of expense or worry!

When you call Dr. Locks, it will usually (but not always) be Mel that answers the phone. I will discuss your needs with you to make sure we are providing the service that you need. For example, sometimes a customer may ask for a new lock believing that they need one, when the problem may be better solved by a Door Lock Repairs or indeed a uPVC Door Repair

You can be certain that we will take the care to actually solve your lock problem with competence and integrity. At Dr. Locks we ‘look after our customers’ by fixing your lock or key issue and making sure you have the products, service and price that best suits you. 

All our work and parts are guaranteed, so should you have issues in the future we’ll be happy to return at no further cost – giving you genuine piece of mind. Here is the best Locksmith York you can check it now!

Here are some of the lock changes and upgrade services I offer:

All work and parts are fully guaranteed – and I will show you how to maintain them.
High security 3* euro lock

Why these locks are better than standard locks:

If you require any advice on your locks, whether you need a lock upgrade or lock change on your home or business please do not hesitate to contact me.

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