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How easy is it to change a door lock?

There are so many different reasons for having to change a lock

  • You may have lost/misplaced your keys and you are worried about them falling into the wrong
  • You need to upgrade your locks to meet insurance quality requirements, so you are covered
    properly with your insurance.
  • You have moved into a new home and you are not sure if anyone else has duplicate keys.
  • The lock is damaged, faulty or just old and needs replacing.

So if you have experienced any of the above then you would think that your first priority would be to get in touch with a locksmith and arrange for them to come out and complete the work, but some people do try and save themselves money by trying to complete it themselves!

Unfortunately though you will need a lot more knowledge than watching tutorial videos online to be able to change a lock successfully! Firstly, you need to choose the right Lock Change York and make sure it is fitted securely and is to the correct British standard.

If your lock is not to right British standard, then your insurance company can refuse to pay out on insurance claims if your home is broken in to.

Why you should choose a locksmith to carry out your work?

You have decided to change your locks but your old lock is a different size and shape to the new lock that needs installing. Normally you would need some joinery skills and specialist tools to be able to fit your new lock properly.

If you do not have the right tools for the job then you may end up causing more damage, to the point where you may end up having to call out an emergency locksmith to fix the damage. If this happens then you may end up spending double the amount of money getting the work that you have tried to do yourself fixed.

You need to have the knowledge and understanding of what lock standard is required for your individual door to make sure it meets your insurance company requirements and British standards but mostly to make sure your home is fully secure and properly protected.

There are so many different lock standards in the UK. BS3621 is a lock standard by BSI (British Standards Institute) for thief-resistant locks which is why most insurance companies do require that door locks must be fitted to BS3621 British Standard.

To put things into perspective, it would be much more time effective and cost effective to call a trusted local locksmith to carry out the work needed. We have years of experience and the correct training to replace your old locks quickly, efficiently and to the correct standard and be secure in the knowledge that your home is secure with locks that are fitted correctly.

If you require any advice or help with replacing any of your locks and you need an affordable, reliable local locksmith in York then please get in touch with DrLocks on 07493 586524.

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