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Home Security: Get Your Home Secure For Winter

No matter how many security measures you have in and around your home there is always room for improvement. Burglars are constantly coming up with new methods to gain entry to a home security industry is continuously coming up with innovative new security measures to help keep the burglars out of your property.

Winter is by far the worst time of year for burglaries, insurance claims for break-ins spike through the roof during the winter months partially due to the dark nights but this is also the time of year that more things tend to go wrong when it comes to the maintenance of a property.

Home Burglaries definitely spike during the winter months and this is because burglars take advantage of the dark nights using it as a cover to break-in before people return home from work or taking advantage of vacant properties as people fly off to warmer climates in the winter.

This is why our team at DR Locks Ltd have put together some helpful tip to help you prepare your home for winter and ensure it is as safe and secure as it can be. Here is the best Locksmith Easingwold Services you can visit now. 

Window and Door Locks

It is shocking how many people neglect this most basic of security measures. Ensure all windows and doors are locked including windows on the top floor! If your windows don’t have locks, then you should consider having locks installed as soon as possible as this will vastly improve the security of your home.


You should use a safe to store any valuables such as Jewellery, cash and personal information. You may find that your insurer will offer a discount to your premiums if you use a safe to store valuables.

Timed Lights

If you arrive home late from work or are planning a vacation then it is a good idea to put your lights on a timer to create the impression that someone is home. If you do have your lights set to a timer then it is also a good idea to close blinds and curtains to prevent a potential burglar studying the layout of your home.

Don’t Hide Keys

You never know if a burglar is in your area scoping out houses that would make a good target so you should never hide a key outside your home. Instead you should make sure everyone that needs access to your home has a spare key, if this is not possible then leave a spare with a trusted neighbour.

Security Alarms

There is a huge range of security alarms available in today’s market, all with different features and levels of security. All alarms provide a home with an extra level of security and they work well as a deterrent to potential burglars. With so many to choose from you can be sure to find one to suit both your security needs and your budget.

Light Up Doorways

Have motion sensor lights installed above all doors this will deter burglars as they will no longer have the cover of darkness to attempt a break-in unseen.

Keep Gardens Tidy

It is important to keep any bushes and trees around your property well maintained, this will take away potential hiding places for burglars. Here is the best Lock change York service you can visit.

In order to best prepare for winter you should carry out a security check, or have a professional locksmith do it for you, make any improvements that are necessary and ensure everything is in good working order.

And a final security tip, if you have an adjoining garage make sure that windows and door are locked at all times, especially the door that leads into your home. Burglars are always on the lookout for easy access to a home and leaving the door unlock will provide them just that.

If you need a home security check or would like to implement any of the security measures mentioned above, then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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