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Why do you need a Lock change in York?

Nothing is more exciting than moving into a new house or flat. When you move, it’s always advisable to change your door locks. You may have the master key but the previous owners, neighbors or previous workmen etc. might have several copies of them. Rather than trusting anyone, you should look for a Lock Change York service to install the latest lock system.

There are other reasons also why you might benefit from changing your locks. The vast majority of homes and flats in your still have locks that are of a very poor quality, for example not even being ‘anti-snap’ or British Standard. This can leave you prone to get broken into (very genuinely!).

As a landlord, when your tenants have moved out, it may also be a very good idea to change the keys before starting a new tenancy. Similarly, if you use your place and need a Lock change in York as an air B&B, you may be wise to keep a check on who has access to the keys on a periodic basis.

Tips for looking for a lock change service

If you are planning to change a lock in York, do some research first. You can not trust a random locksmith company for such an important task. Go with a professional lock change service to make the process streamlined and get the latest lock system. Here are some tips to help you:

Make an appointment

Contact your locksmith and ask them to explain your options in terms of cost, the number of keys that you will be given, and the level of security that the lock provinces. If you use Dr. Locks to do this for you, we can usually offer to organise the right number of keys for your needs. For example, if using a mortice lock, there can often be a ‘lot of faff’ getting additional keys cut that work reliably.

By talking to us about what you might need ahead of time, we can supply you with a full set of tried and tested keys. This can save you a lot of hassle, time and money further down the line; simply by ‘doing the job right’ in the first instance.

Discuss what you want with the locksmith

I sometimes find that customers think they need an upgrade to their existing system, but in fact do not! It’s always a good idea to talk though what you would like and discuss your options with us. The locksmith will talk you through your options and explain the features, benefits and prices to you so that you can make an informed choice.

We can also sometimes provide the same key to work multiple doors if that is something you would like. For example, if it would be more convenient to have the side and back door working together on the same key. We can often also change garage doors and window locks too. At Dr. Locks, we are equipped to repair or replace multipoint locks, composite locks, uPVC door locks and bi-fold doors.

Consider your budget and security

In our current time of rising household bills, the energy crisis and the ever increasingly difficult economic situation, we a Dr. Locks understand that you may simply want the best price for the job. If this is the case, we are often happy to look at ways to ensure you have a cheap lock change York if that’s what you need.

As a standard practice, we carry locks ranging from budget (e.g. for rental properties or if you are perhaps just on a tight budget!), to British Standard for your own residential property, and high security locks if your budget allows and you want an industry leading standard, highly guaranteed lock.

Lock change York: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you need a Locksmith Haxby or elsewhere in York in an emergency, or if it’s a problem that can wait a day or so, Dr. Locks will usually be able to provide you with a timely, cost effective and workable solution. Considering the following ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, we will:

We will:

  • Talk to you honestly and clearly about when we can realistically get to you. Usually, we agree a ‘time window’ of arrival, and are happy to ring or text when we’re actually on the way. This means you can get on with your day, go to the shops or walk the dog etc. and will know when we will arrive ahead of time.
  • Use the ‘best man for the job’. At Dr. Locks, Mel is the main locksmith. However, when and where appropriate our small collaboration of locksmiths work together to better serve last minute lockouts or more specialized jobs such as sliding doors or bi-fold mechanism problems.
  • At all times, we will be totally transparent regarding your options, timescales and prices so that you can make the right decision for you.

We won’t:

  • Frankly, we won’t lie to you about how quickly we can get to you! If it’s an emergency and we can’t get to you quickly enough, I will often try to call another locksmith for you, but will always be transparent and not keep you waiting.
  • Cause damage. If we need to go through the lock, we will replace it and of course provide new keys where necessary so that you are completely safe and secure once the job is complete.

As a consumer, please don’t:

  • Do not use extra force if the lock does not open or the key does not go in. There might be a problem with your lock. It’s almost always easier and cheaper to call us and allow us to sort the problem for you before it gets worse. If we can advise on the phone then we will do that free of charge. When in doubt, just give us a call.
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