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Which Type Of Front Door Is Best?

Most burglars break in through the front or back door of a property. That means having a secure door is vital, but it’s not just these things we have to worry about! Doors come in various materials and as locksmiths ourselves we know that there isn’t one clear winner here – every situation needs its own tailored solution so don’t forget this when choosing what you want for your home. There are three factors to consider when buying a door: your budget, what type of material the door is made from and which lock fits on it.

Common Types Of Front Doors


A wooden front door is a strong, solid material for your property, but it needs regular maintenance to keep in good condition. Wooden doors are more expensive than other types of exterior entry-level hardware like aluminium or steel; however they do have an added advantage with being able install locks on them which can be customised depending upon what you need e.g.

Whether there’s room enough under the threshold without installing another deadbolt where keys will fit through easily when unlocked from inside as well as keyless access using proximity sensor technology instead if having two separate sets and so on.


UPVC doors are a popular choice for their affordability and low maintenance, as well the fact that they’re thermally efficient. On top of these benefits there’s also style – many people will choose an uPVC door because it looks sleek in comparison to other options available on the market today such as steel or aluminium frames with louvered panels! The only downside is you can’t fit additional locks onto this type of construction.

However, most good locksmiths will be able to come and upgrade the existing locks to more secure snap safe locks helping to give your home better protection from intruders. Here is the best Locksmith Tadcaster you can check now. 


The best composite doors are a hybrid between the strengths of traditional wood and up-to-date vinyl. They offer durability, ease of maintenance but with lower costs compared to either material on its own or in combination with each other – making them an excellent choice for those who want all these benefits without breaking their budget!

Most Secure Locks For Front Doors


The most secure type of lock for timber doors is the 5-lever mortice deadlock. This should also be BS3621 compliant and you can check this by viewing your door when it’s opened, as all locks must have a symbol proving that they comply with safety standards in place before being sold or installed on site!


A multi-point locking mechanism connected to a euro cylinder lock is what UPVC doors use. Although this type of design provides an extra layer of security, many old uPVC doorways can easily be broken into because they’re fitted with simple locks like those that snap back when you try and pick them–a flaw called ‘lock snapping’. Here is the best uPVC door repair York you can check now. 

Fortunately for homeowners looking at upgrading their home’s entranceway protection from burglars or vandals alike there are now anti Snap Euro Cylinder Locks which effectively prevent any such break ins!


Composite doors are similar to uPVC doors and are usually secured with a multipoint locking system and anti-snap euro cylinder. If you are looking to improve the security of your front door then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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