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Upgrade Your Office Security with a Lock Change

Stay calm if you’re locked into your house; contact Dr. Locks for an Emergency Locksmith Service whether you are in a situation! Whether you have a problem during the evening or during the day; our proactive approach and quick answers can be a lifesaver. As a locksmith that lives in York, but with a small team to jump on tools when things get busy, Mel and her locksmiths can easily get to Wetherby, Boston Spa, Selby, Pocklington and Leeds (as well as York!) within 25-30 min.

We have extensive local knowledge and professional experience, and can do everything from lock changes, lock repairs and are experts at opening and repairing stuck uPVC, composite and wooden doors. So, remember to call Mel at Dr. Locks if you need a Locksmiths York in an emergency. Alternatively, you can send a text message to our mobile number or even a whatsapp message through the website.

Why Should You Change Your Lock?

First and foremost, it is critical to comprehend why a Lock change York is required. Businesses’ security requirements change as they expand and adapt. Old, outdated locks might offer a considerable risk since they may contain flaws that seasoned criminals can easily exploit. The initial line of defense against unauthorized entry, theft, and other safety hazards is to upgrade your workplace locks. Furthermore, staff come and go, so keys can get forgotten or never returned, risking the safety of your workplace.

Advantages of a Lock Replacement Service

When contemplating a lock change, it is critical to recognize its several advantages. Here are some convincing reasons why you should use a professional Lock Change Service:

Enhanced protection

New locks give a stronger level of protection, making prospective burglars’ entrance to your business more difficult. Our budget anti-snap locks are only £25, and you’ll be very surprised to know that they offer better protection than many locks fitted as standard to homes in York. Alternatively, if you would like better security, we can offer you British Standard or High security locks where appropriate.

Key Repairs

Changing your locks gives you more control over those with keys to your workplace. You can restrict access to just authorized workers.

Peace of Mind

Understanding that your workplace is safe provides peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business tasks without concern about security problems..

Aesthetic enhancement

A lock change may also be a visual enhancement. New locks can improve the overall appearance of the workplace doors.

The Lock Replacement Procedure

Now that you know why a lock replacement is necessary, let’s look at the steps to keep your workplace more secure. This extensive technique can be divided into the stages that follow:


The first stage in the lock-changing procedure is thoroughly evaluating your office’s safety standards. A skilled Locksmith York will inspect your current locks for flaws and vulnerabilities. Mel at Dr. Locks is happy to do this over watsapp, text or even email, and just a quick glance at a photo will allow a free assessment to be done to verify if you would benefit at all from using our services.

Mel is more than happy to provide this free service (as it’s quick, easy and saves time all round!), to deal proactively with your potential problem whilst heading off any unnecessary wasted journey or expense.

Lock Selection

After the evaluation, you’ll collaborate with a locksmith to select new locks that match your needs. You may select from various options, such as deadbolts, digital locks, anti snap locks, British Standard or High security versions. We also fit fire escape ‘thumb turn’ locks for landlords, air b&b owners and businesses, who need to comply with the new council fire escape regulations.


The locksmith will replace the old keys with new ones. This process requires accuracy and skill to ensure all locks are properly installed. If you need multiple keys, we will also be able to arrange this for you, and ensure that all new keys are working perfectly. For example, we recently did a job in which 35 mortice keys were needed.

This usually would have the customer running backwards and forwards to a key cutting place, with an awful lot of time and expense. We can arrange to have the new keys cut and tested next to the lock, thereby ensuring that each and every key is perfect. This will save you a lot of time and money attempting to organise this for yourself.

Key Duplication

The locksmith may duplicate keys for authorized people to retain key control. This is an important step in ensuring that only trustworthy persons have access

A Locksmith’s Role in York

A Locksmith during York is fundamental in the key change strategy. They are security experts with the ability and apparatuses to guard your office. At long last, a lock change becomes significant in further developing work environment security and safeguarding your organization from assaults.

To summarize, a lock change gives benefits like expanded security, key oversight, true serenity, personalization, and further developed style. A thorough assessment, lock choice, arrangement, key duplication, inspection, and proceeding with upkeep and help are all essential for the cycle. You can undoubtedly navigate this methodology with the capable Dr locks Locksmith York, guaranteeing your office’s well-being and security.

In this way, if you’ve been thinking about redesigning your office well-being, make it a point to investigate potential open doors a lock change could give. Make a move now to shield your home from potential security chances.

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