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Six reasons for calling a in Locksmith Easingwold

Easingwold is a lovely town to live in, and its population is growing. Dr Locks is a local locksmith company that happily serves this area. Mel the locksmith who usually attends lives in Heworth, about a 25 minute drive away, and Craig also lives within about a 10 minute drive from Easingwold. Dr Locks is an independent locksmith business, not a franchise. though customers sometimes ask this because the website is actually quite good!

So, if you’ve lost your keys, or your uPVC, composite or wooden door lock is causing you some problems, do call us directly on 01347 770073. Using a professional Locksmith Easingwold can save you a lot of time, cost and hassle, since we are both skilled and have the right tools, equipment and stock to solve your lock problems with great service and a very reasonable time frame and price.

Why do you need a Locksmith?

Here are 6 reasons why you may need a locksmith!

Key breaks in the lock

Keys are made of metal and prone to wear and tear due to daily use. Sometimes the metal can not bear the stress and the key breaks in the lock. It is very frustrating especially if you have to leave for work, or are having trouble getting in easily and reliably.

An emergency Calling a in Locksmith Easingwold can come in handy during this time. They can remove the broken piece using equipment, can replace the key with a new one, or change the lock if required. Especially if you are having to ‘jiggle’ or faff about with your key to get it to open or lock the door reliably.

Security upgrade

Changing the locks is necessary if you have moved home, lost keys or have faced a recent break-in. A lock replacement can give you the best security upgrade. There are genuinely many locks that are very easy to break, leaving you and your home and family genuinely vulnerable. Conversely, certain types of locks are much ‘stronger’ than you may think – in fact Mel the locksmith often explains to customers that they do not need to upgrade their locks as their existing system is fine.

The best way to know is to get in touch, and Mel will happily discuss with you / explain what you have and whether an upgrade would be beneficial to you or not. We are happy to look at pictures of existing locks by email or whatsapp and have a chat with you before booking a job for Calling a in Locksmith Easingwold.

Damaged or broken locks

Locks tend to get damaged or broken with time. Old locks sometimes get stuck and you can not lock or unlock them easily. This also indicates damage to the internal mechanism of your locks. Calling a professional Locksmith in Easingwold will resolve the issue with the lock or suggest a lock replacement if required.

Sometimes it is an issue with the door and lock alignment which may not need any parts at all, saving you further cost in the future if you sort the problem before the lock gets stuck.

Adding additional locks

Many homeowners decide to have an extra lock for the main door, or for their home office etc. Having an initial chat with Mel on 01347 770073 can often be useful to understand what you would like, what the likely cost might be and indeed what options may be suitable or less so for your needs.

After a break-in in your area

Facing a break-in or burglary is undoubtedly traumatizing. Many homes in Easingwold have locks that are perfectly good enough or ‘to British Standards’ or better. This would be the minimum requirement that you have probably told your insurance company that you have.

However, a surprising (and alarming) number of properties have locks that fall very much below these standards. In this situation, it is not only very easy for someone to enter your house – the police term the job a ‘15 second snap’ – but your insurance may also not be valid. This can be an easy, cost effective thing to fix ahead of time.

You may be surprised to know that even the budget range of anti-snap locks that are carried as standard by Dr locks Locksmiths York are only  £25 plus vat. If you are indeed on a budget, these will be enough to prevent the physical ‘15 second snap’ that makes it so easy for your home to be broken into.

We believe this is worth a quick chat to find out what type of locks you have, and whether it may be worth heading off this problem before it occurs. Call Dr Locks anytime to discuss any lock or security issues you may be concerned with.

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