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Why You Should Upgrade Window Locks for Your Business or Home

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to looking at improving the security of your property as all the focus tends to be on the doors. No matter what time of year it is, it is always good to consider your security systems and ensure they are as good as they can be. You may already have the best locks on your doors but how secure are your windows? Windows are a common entry point for burglars so leaving them unsecured can leave your property vulnerable to a break-in.

Save Money and Reduce Risk

By upgrading the overall security of windows, you won’t just make your property more secure, you could also save money on your insurance premiums! Insurance companies set minimum standards for locks on both doors and windows, so, if your window locks don’t meet this requirement it could even mean your insurance policy is invalid so it’s worth looking into sooner rather than later!

If you feel your windows could be more secure or you have checked, and they don’t meet your insures minimum requirements then don’t worry Dr Locks Ltd are here to help! We have put together a handy guide to help you quickly resolve this issue.

Types of Windows and Locks

First things first you need to know what type of windows you have, from there it is easy to find a suitable lock that will meet or exceed minimum requirements set by insurers.

Sash Windows – Have the ability to slide past each other so to improve their security stops, or sash jammers can be fitted to the upper sash window so that they are unable to slide past each other.

Casement Windows – Often require two locks, one on the small side handle and another on the long handle at the bottom. You can either fit new locks to the existing handles or change the handles completely to one with more secure locks already integrated into them.

Fanlight Windows – Can be secured by using a swing lock which will allow you to reach in and unlock a larger window. Another good choice would be mortice window bolts.

UPVC Windows – often come with good quality key operated locks integrated into them, however it is important to keep an eye on the handles to ensure they are in good working order. Handles can always be replaced if faulty.

Window security can be improved to exceed minimum standards set by insurers by using different methods such as window bars and window restrictions which will only allow a window to open a certain width so the gap would be too small for an intruder to fit through.

If you need to improve the security of your windows, or if your having problems with any of your window locks then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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