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What To Do When You Have Had A Break In


Coming home or waking up to discover that you have been broken into is everyone’s worst nightmare however, it is important to try and stay focused so you can take the necessary steps towards getting things back to how they should be. Our team at Dr Locks Ltd have put together a helpful guide on what you should do in the event of a break in so that should it ever happen to you, you will know exactly what to do.

Call The Police – First things first you need to call the police and report the crime, the police can then make a record of it and provide you with a unique crime reference number, you should keep this handy as you will need it later on for your insurance claim. If you are not in your property already when you discover the crime, then it is best to wait outside until the police have been and gathered any evidence that has been left behind.

Don’t Touch or Move Anything – While you are waiting for the police it is best not to move or touch anything. This is because you could destroy potentially crucial evidence towards catching whoever was responsible for the break in and recovering your stolen goods.

Make a List – When the police arrive at your property and give you the go ahead you should go around your property and make a detailed list of everything that has been damaged or stolen. You should be very specific pointing out any distinctive marks and specifying serial numbers with a rough estimate of the value. This will not only help the police identify your items if they are recovered it will also be required by your insurance provider.

Call Your Bank – At you earliest convenience you should contact your bank and let them know you have had a break in so they can check you account for any suspicious activity. Even if all your credit or debit cards are still in your property the people who broke in could have made a note of the card details so they could make online purchases before you even realised any money was being spent.

Contact Your Insurance Provider – Call your insurance provider within the first 24 hours of the break in so that they can make a record of the break in and get the ball rolling to make a claim. You will need your crime reference number that the police provided you with and your list of stolen and damaged goods handy before you make this call as your insurer will require these details.

Secure Your Property – When the police have finished gathering evidence and give you the go ahead then you can go around and start to straighten up and get things back in order. Whist doing this, one of your top priorities should be securing your home once again, this means making repairs to any broken doors, boarding up smashed windows and replacing any damaged locks. Any good local locksmith will be able to provide this service for you and even advise on how you can improve upon your home security in order to help prevent a future break in.

If you need any burglary repairs or would like to find out how you can improve your home security, then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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