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What Makes Your Home A Target For A Burglary?

Most people that have been victims of a burglary may think that it was just unlucky that their property was targeted. However, through years of experience as a locksmith our team at Dr Locks Ltd have a slightly different view. In most cases of burglaries, we attend there is often at least one thing that stands out that has made their home a target to thieves.

The best advice that we can give any home or business is to make sure that your property is as secure as it can be, if you have more security measures then a neighbor then your home will be less likely to be a target then theirs. To do this you have to be aware of the security measures you have in place and consider how they can be improved upon.

Here at Dr Locks Ltd we are happy to advise our customers in York and the surrounding areas of what they can do to improve upon their home security, and in most cases, we can supply and fit the necessary security measures.

Burglars often find homes and businesses with considerable security measures off putting so they are less likely to choose your property as a target. Often burglars will walk around checking out an area and pin pointing properties they feel have weak enough security measures for them to be a viable target. It is the security measures that are visible from the outside of your property that work best in deterring burglars so it is these measures that you should focus your attention on.

Visible Security Measures

  • Multiple locks

  • Lock guards

  • High security locks

  • Window locks

  • Security grilles

  • CCTV

  • Alarms

Less visible security measures that make access difficult for burglars:

  • London bars

  • Hinge bolts

  • Birmingham bars

These security measures cant be seen by a burglar, however if they do choose your property as a target and these measures are in place it will be incredibly difficult for them to gain entry to your property, this could be the difference between an attempted burglary and a burglary.

Basic Security Measures All Properties Should Have In Place

In order to best protect your property, there are basic security measures that should be in place at your property even if you don’t want the visible deterrents and high security measures.

  • External doors should have a 5-leaver BS3621 dead lock installed

  • All window locks should be key operated

If you don’t have these basic security measures in place at your property, then it is strongly advised that you have a locksmith come and upgrade your door and window locks as soon as possible.

Once you have the basic security measures in place you can then turn your attention to implementing some of the higher security measures we have mentioned in order to better improve your home security and make it less of a target for burglars.

If you would like more information on improving your home or business security measures or would like to implement some of the measures we have mentioned in this post then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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