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Tips For Improving Your Business Security


When a business has been broken into it often comes at a high cost to those that were targeted. As well as lost merchandise and equipment, most business owners will also have to deal with and damage caused by the burglar this can be anything from a smashed window to broken doors and locks.

It is because of this that our team at Dr Locks Ltd have put together a helpful guide full of tips that business owners can use to help improve upon their current security measure in order to better protect against burglars.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

By carrying out a risk assessment at your business premises you will be able to identify any possible vulnerabilities you may have, once these have been identified you can then start putting together a plan to overcome them.

A Business owner may already have an idea about what could be improved upon however, it is advised that as a business owner you seek help from a professional as there may be risks that a burglar can take advantage of that you have never even considered! A professional will be able to provide you with reliable advice and information on how the overall security of the business can be improved.

Here are a few tips that may pop up from a professional assessment, of course these will often vary depending on the size, location and trading hours of your business.

Security Upgrade Tips

Replace and/or upgrade Locks – this will often be the case if your locks are old, damaged or do not meet the British Standard.

Restricted Key System – this will involve the business owner having the only copy of a key and if more need to be made they can only be made with the business owners’ permission. This way the business owner has complete control over how many keys there are and who has access to any spares, this allows the business owner to ensure no keys can be copied or stolen.

Window Locks – If the windows at your business premises don’t already have locks then they will definitely need to have locks installed! Depending on the location of the windows it may also be advised that other security measures are used alongside the locks.

Cabinet Locks – Have locks installed on any cabinets that store sensitive information or valuables.

Use Technology To Secure Your Business

In this day and age there is a huge variety of high-tech security solutions available, so why not take advantage to help better secure your business. Here is an example of just a few of them:

Smart Locks – smart locks have many benefits, some of the best include being able to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who unlocked it, as well as the ability to grant access from a distance.

High Definition CCTV – This allows you to monitor your business remotely and is a huge deterrent against would be burglars. They are also good for deterring vandalism and trespassing!

Security Alarms – These are proven to be highly efficient in deterring burglars, it would also be recommended that you put up signs to warn people that the alarm is active.

If you need more advice on how to improve the security at your business or would like to implement any of the security measures mentioned above then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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