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Protect Your Home from Burglaries


Most UK burglaries are committed between the months of October and January. Statistics obtained from research carried out by ADT Fire & Security show that over 79% of us don’t have adequate security measures to protect our homes against burglaries.

As the dark nights draw in, we all become the ideal target for a burglar with the cover of darkness. There is never a good time to get burgled but with Christmas fast approaching now certainly is one of the worst times for it!

So, in order to help people better protect their homes against burglaries this winter our team at Dr Locks Ltd have put together a helpful guide of do’s and don’ts that will help you keep your home secure this winter.

Highlighting Valuables – We all know that keeping a light on or having timers on your lights is a great way to make it appear someone is home when your property is actually vacant however, you need to be careful in the way that you do this. Make sure that blinds or curtains are shut in rooms that you wish to use a light so that any valuables and also the layout of your home is not clearly displayed for potential burglars.

Calendars – Having a calendar displayed in your home is often a useful tool for most busy family’s but they can also be very handy for potential burglars too! If you have a calendar on display in your home, make sure it is well hidden from view from the outside of your home so that potential burglars cant use it to see when you home will be unoccupied so they have a window of opportunity for and undisturbed break in.

Letterbox Fishing – by fitting a cage on the inside of your letterbox you can stop burglars being able to steal your valuables such as car keys through the letterbox.

Selfies – If a burglar has managed to get hole of your name somehow, often via post that has been thrown out! They will be able to find you on social media as well! So, sharing information such as holiday countdowns and live updates of nights out give burglars a good idea of when they can break into your property undisturbed. So, it is always best to share images and news from holidays and nights out when your back at your property.

Digital Attentiveness – If you use a digital alarm to secure your home while it is vacant then it is important to keep it clean, this will stop any intruders from knowing which digits your using for your password. It won’t be hard to guess the combination if the numbers used are clearly highlighted!

Take Care in The Bathroom – Its not hard to tell from the outside of a property which room is the bathroom as the windows tend to be frosted glass! So, if you have the bathroom light on with no other lights on around the house a burglar will see and opportunity to get in and out of your house unnoticed.

Double Locking – No matter how good your door lock is one lock is never enough! Burglars can simply use their foot to check if your door has a deadlock or not, if it moves more than a couple of millimeters then they will know you don’t have one and will know they have easier access to your home.

If you would like more information on how you can better protect your home against burglaries this winter or would like to implement new home security measures at your property, then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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