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How To Spot National Locksmith Companies?

In most cases you will find that national locksmith companies are the middlemen that sub-contract work out to local locksmiths at prices that are often more than double that of the average rate.

When you call a national locksmith it will be a call center that you get through to not the locksmiths themselves, and in most cases you will not actually get chance to talk to the locksmith about the issues you are experiencing until they turn up at your door.

Whilst speaking to the call center they will ask for your address details so that they can find a locksmith on their system that is local to you that can carry out the work. The locksmiths employed by national locksmith companies tend to be newly trained locksmiths that don’t have much if any experience which in turn can end up costing you more in the long run. The locksmith that arrives at your property will have no say in the price that is charged as they will have been told previously to charge a certain amount per hour as well as the cost of parts involved which are significantly marked up plus VAT.

Often after being quoted over the phone you will not of been made aware of the additional charges, instead you will be informed of these after the work has been completed and its too late for you to change your mind. The locksmith that completes the work at your property will take home around 40% of the price that you have been charged the rest will be lining the pockets of the national company, hence why their prices are so extortionate, particularly for out of hours call outs such as evenings and weekends.

National Locksmith companies have large overheads, staff, call centers, advertising, google AdWords etc and all of this contributes to their largely inflated rates for even the simplest of jobs.

There is often no aftercare involved with national locksmith companies, if you call up with a problem with a lock or the work carried out the blame will be pushed onto the locksmith that carried out the work which you will likely never be able to contact directly.

Spotting National Locksmith Companies

Newspaper Adds – if you see an advert in the newspaper then national locksmith companies usually have a reference number at the top or bottom of the add that they will request you quote to them when you call.

  • Google – When you find a locksmith company on google national locksmiths tend to be the ones that use the sponsored adds (Google AdWords).

  • When speaking to a national locksmith company you wont actually get to speak to a locksmith, you will just be quoted a price and when you agree they will send out a locksmith.

  • Most national locksmiths will take card details over the phone before any work has been completed and this is something that local locksmiths will never do.

  • They wont give you a quote until you have provided your address details, this is so that they can check where you are and if its some distance away from there nearest available locksmith then they will charge more money!

Don’t fall for the national locksmiths. If you need a reliable local locksmith in York or the surrounding areas contact Dr Locks Ltd Today – 01904 295 465

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