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How To Prevent Letterbox Burglary?

It is common knowledge that having good security measures applied to your front door is vital when it comes to home security. This is why most will have a reliable local locksmith come and upgrade their locks to reliable strong locks that either meet or exceed the current British Standard. With this said most people will often overlook the potential security problems posed by their letterbox!

What Is Letterbox Burglary?

Letterbox burglary is pretty much what it says on the tin, a burglar will use your letterbox to either gain entry to your property or steal keys to a car that you have parked outside your home. A burglar will simply push their hand through the letterbox and reach up to try and unlock the door from the inside or use a rod like tool with a hook to try and get hold of keys that have been left near the door. Unfortunately, both methods are highly effective for the burglars and require little to no skills as there is no need to try and pick or break a lock.

Letterbox Burglary Prevention

  • Never leave house or car keys in sight or in the lock on the other side of the door. This is more vital if you have glazed panels on your door, however it is worth taking a look through your letterbox from the outside of your home so you know exactly what a burglar can see should they ever peek through your letterbox. If you often keep wallets, purses or keys within sight from your letter box you should find a new place to store them.

  • Have your current letterbox replaced for one that has a draught excluder built in. A draft excluder is rows of soft nylon bristles that go the whole way around the edge of your letterbox, they can help with letterbox security as it severely limits what a burglar can see through your letterbox making it difficult for them to see and steal keys and wallets etc.

  • You can have an anti-burglar letterbox installed, these letterboxes have been through stringent testing measures to ensure they can not be vandalised or snapped to ensure they comply with the latest security standards.

  • A letterbox restrictor can be installed, they work by restricting how much the inner flap of the letterbox can open so it would prevent hands or rods being pushed through the letterbox.

  • You could have your letterbox removed completely and have an external mailbox installed. This can be quite expensive which makes it impractical for most, however if you are looking to replace your front door in the future this would be worth considering.

Unfortunately, burglars are constantly on the lookout for new ways to easily gain entry to homes so it is vital that you keep on top of your security measures and ensure they are up to date with the current security standards.

Here at Dr Locks Ltd we have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to keep your home as safe and secure as it can be.

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