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Tips to Keep Your Home Secure This Summer

Burglars are very busy during the summer months, taking advantage of people sitting out in gardens and jetting off abroad leaving their homes empty and a prime target. This is why we have put together a few top tips to help you keep your home safe and secure this summer.

Summer Home Security Tips

1. Keep Doors and Windows Locked – If your sat in the garden or just nipped to the shops it is important that you keep your doors and windows locked if you are not in your property as burglars will be quick to sneak through an open window.

2. Never Leave Spare Key Outside – These days burglars know every ‘safe place’ in the book so leaving a key hidden outside your property wouldn’t be the best idea as a savvy burglar would know exactly where to look and walk unchallenged into your home.

3. Hide Valuables – keep any valuables out of view from a window, and if you are going away secure them in a safe place so if a burglar does gain entry to your property they will struggle to find anything of vale to take.

4. Don’t Tell Social Media – If you are going away don’t advertise your plans or photos on social media until after you are home as this information could fall into the hands of a burglar and your home could become an easy target.

5. Put Post on Hold – The Royal Mail offer a postal holding service in which you can have your mail held for up to 3 months. Doing this will stop a build up of mail forming at your door, a sign burglars use to gauge if a house is empty.

6. Ask a Neighbor – Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check in on your home, turn lights on and off, open and close blinds etc. This then gives the impression your home isn’t empty.

7. Leave Cars at Home – When you go away try using public transport or a taxi to get to the airport, so you can leave your car on the drive creating the impression someone is in and deterring any burglars.

8. Mow Your Lawn – Long grass is one of the things burglars look at to figure out if a house is vacant tor not. By cutting your lawn and tidying up your garden before you leave you garden won’t give you away!

9. Invest in Home Security Systems – Check that all your locks are in working order and comply with British Standard BS3621. Ensure any unsecured locks are upgraded and consider extra security measures such as a house alarm security lighting and CCTV systems.

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