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5 Common Lock Problems


Having locks in good working order is essential when it comes to ensuring the security of your property. If you discover a problem with your lock, then it should be a top priority to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Some problems with locks are a simple fix and you should be able to resolve them yourself, whereas others will need the expertise of a fully trained locksmith to ensure the job is done correctly and your home or business is once again secure.

Broken Key in Lock

This is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in and more often than not happens completely out of the blue and without warning. If this happens to you then you should never try and lock or unlock the door with the broken key, this will only push the key further into the mechanism making it harder to extract. If you can see enough of the broken key then you can attempt to remove it with a pair of needle nose pliers, you should be able to grip the key and pull it straight out. If the key wont come out easily or you cant see enough of it to get it out yourself then you should never try and force it as this could make matters worse and could cause damage to the lock, you will need to call out a professional locksmith to come and extract the key for you as they will have the necessary skills and tools to extract the key without causing any damage.

Stiff Lock and Difficult To Open

It is common for dust and dirt to find its way into your locking mechanism and over time build up making it difficult to turn. You can simply try silicone-based lubricant or graphite spray applied to the lock then turn the key a few times and it should just free up. You should never WD-40 or other oil-based products to lubricate a lock, they may provide a short-term fix but in the long run can cause further problems with clogging.

Difficult to Lock/Unlock UPVC Door

If when your door is open it can be easily locked/unlocked, then it is likely and alignment issue you have. UPVC doors are designed to be adjustable and it is not uncommon for them to slip out of alignment. This can be a tricky fix if you don’t know what your doing, but a fully trained locksmith will be able to easily get it back in working order. If alignment is not the issue then it is a much more complicated fix as it is likely to be a faulty locking mechanism, this will often require new parts and you will definitely need a locksmith to carry out the work for you.

Difficult To Insert Key

First tings first make sure your using the right key! This is a simple mistake that we have all made at least once in our lives. The next thing to rule out is a poorly cut key, if you have recently had the key cut try using one of the older keys to make sure that it is not just the one key that is not working. If none of the keys are working, then it is a problem with the lock not the keys. You will need to call out a reliable locksmith to come and diagnose the problem and complete the necessary repairs.

Key Won’t Turn in Lock

There can be a few things that will cause the key not to turn in the lock. The one thing you should never do is try and force the key, this could cause further damage to the lock and even break the key inside the lock. You can try steps similar to those mentioned in the ‘Stiff Lock and Difficult To Open’ heading, if these don’t work then it is likely a problem with the lock cylinder. Both of these issues will require the skills of a locksmith both to diagnose and fix the problem.

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