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Mortice locks

A mortice lock fits into a specially cut pocket within the door, this is where the lock is fitted. Modern BS3621 mortice locks provide an excellent level of security for a home or business. Before the introduction of the euro cylinder almost all external doors would have a mortice lock fitted.

Although there are many different brads of mortice lock there are essentially only two types, a sash lock and a deadlock. A sash lock has a handle built into the lock whereas a dead lock has no handle so if this is something that you require you would have to have a separate handle fitted.

Mortice Lock Faults

Like any other lock mortice locks can sometimes fail. Them most common problem we tend to come across at Dr Locks Ltd are:

A Broken Talon 

This fault is easy to identify, when you put the key in the lock and turn, it will just move freely without unlocking the door. This is a fault that can easily be rectified by any good local locksmith. Here is the best Locksmith Harrogate Services you can get disaccount visit now. 

Key Wont Open The Lock

There are many reasons for this fault, it could be an old worn out key or it could be caused by frequently leaving the key in the lock causing the leavers and key to wear, this can also cause other key to stop working as well.

There are plenty more faults that locksmiths come across with mortice locks, the best thing to do is at the first sign of a problem such as the handle becomes lose or key becomes difficult to use call out a local locksmith to come and replace the locks.

This will save time and money in the future as it will prevent further problems arising leaving you locked out or lock in your property. Here is the best Locksmith Pocklington Services you can check now. 

Is Your Mortice Lock British Standard?

Because mortice locks have been around for so long when we are called out to replace the lock, we often find that the lock does not meet the current British Standards and most home and business owners are unaware of this.

Because the security industry is constantly improving security measures to help combat break-ins this means that eventually over time your lock will be sub-standard to the measures that need to be taken in this day and age.

Mortice locks that meet or exceed the current BS3621 have more leavers, longer bolts and hardened cases which make them much more difficult for a burglar to force or manipulate. Here is the best Locksmith Easingwold Services you can visit! 

If you have a Mortice lock that is faulty or needs upgrading, then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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