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Home Security Tips

Making home security improvements is something you can do all at once or implement over time. There are many things that you can do to improve your home security some of which you may have never even considered. Technology exists that can inform the police and you that there has been a break in even if you are away on holiday, and other less high-tech methods such as deterrents. Below you will find some of the top home security improvements that you can implement at your home.

Home Security Cameras

Having home security cameras installed is always an effective security measure, not only can they catch a burglar in the act but they can also provide evidence, pin point the point of entry so measures can be put in place for future prevention and provide live footage of your property 24/7 both inside and out.

Burglar Deterrents

You can use dummy or real alarms, CCTV signs, neighbourhood watch stickers, al good deterrent that make burglars think twice before attempting a break in. Other good deterrents are the use of lights indoor and out, you can even put them on timers for times when your property is vacant. Having blinds on your windows can help with privacy and stopping burglars assessing the layout of your home and pinpointing valuables.

Having high security locks installed also works as a good deterrent as they will not allow easy entry for a potential burglar. Here is the best Locksmith Harrogate you can visit now!

Monitored alarm system

Monitored alarm systems are some of the best you can get. They will notify the police if there has been a break-in and the police will attend your property even if you are not present. These alarms work by having sensors that link security cameras and alarms and once triggered the alarm is sounded instantly. A monitoring centre will confirm the break in and then dispatch the police for you.

Driveway Gates

Securing this outside of your property is just as vital as securing your property indoors. Having gates installed at the bottom of your driveway is a great added security measure as it is another hurdle a burglar has to overcome before they can even attempt to gain entry to your property. There is a vast range of driveway gates available so you can be sure that you will find one to suit both your budget and needs.

Door Chains

This is a very simple home security measure but is very effective, it allows you to open the door to answer a knock, but it will also stop any potential intruders being able to force their way in. These are particularly effective for the elderly and vulnerable people. Here is the Emergency Locksmiths York Services you can check now. 

Spy holes

Spy holes are a good security measure and work well alongside door chains, you can never be sure who is knocking at your door and what their intentions are, particularly if you are not expecting anyone. By having a spy hole, you can have a peek at the person at the other side of your door and choose whether or not you wish to open the door to them.

Security Bars

Security bars definitely improve your home security; they are designed to withstand considerable force so they help prevent doors being kicked down. Unfortunately, a lot of burglars can bypass many types of standard lock quite easily but security bars or a jammer would definitely give them a hard time. These can also be used on garage and shed doors.

If you need help improving your home security or would like to implement any of the security measures we have mentioned above, then contact Dr Locks Ltd today – 01904 295 465

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