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6 features of a top Locksmith Service in Wetherby

Locks are an essential and important part of our daily lives, but usually an unconsidered one. They secure our homes, offices, and other property. They are a way to access and secure our valuable possessions and also to keep our loved ones safe. We only notice locks or keys when they begin to fail us or become difficult to use or sporadic in their smooth operation. In addition, the top locksmith service in weather can affect doors and their alignment, causing various difficulties in extremes of temperature.

We also misplace our keys and sometimes they get stolen. Imagine standing outside your house, office, or vehicle and being unable to access them. An emergency locksmith service in Wetherby is all you need. You might have misplaced the key or someone has stolen it. Misplacing the keys is a much bigger threat than you think. Someone else can get into your house or vehicle. You need to rekey or replace the lock if it is too old or if the keys are worn. Here are some of the qualities that define a professional locksmith service:

Insurance Certificates

Dr Locks is a professional locksmith service in Wetherby, and has been operating since 2018. We are a highly regarded and trusted company, and can check that your locks have the right certification to be valid for your insurance company. A quick search online will reveal a reasonable choice of Locksmith Wetherby, but we believe none have the excellent reputation (backed by customer reviews) that Dr. Locks can boast.

Trained Professionals

Mel the Wetherby locksmith operates as a professional locksmith within a small team very experienced colleagues. Not quite a one man band, Dr Locks is an independent local company who works in collaboration with other trusted and local locksmiths. This is so that they, together, can offer customers a much wider range of services such as garage door repairs, uPVC door and window repair, as well as repairing and replacing door locks for composite and wooden doors. We also repair door mechanisms, so if your door has become stuck (or is starting to be difficult to operate), then call Dr Locks and we will cheerfully solve your problem, regardless of the type of lock or mechanism that you have.

Competitive Prices

Now we are in the second half of 2023, consumer confidence regarding the economy is at a low point. Mel at Dr Locks understands that budget is important to most people, and we have really tightened our belts too so that we can offer you the most competitive prices ever. In fact, our labor rates have not increased at all since 2019! This is despite the rising fuel and other costs.

In particular, if you have a small job, we will make every effort to give you the best service at a price that is reasonable for that job. There will never be any hidden charges and the details of each quote will be clearly shown before any work is done. We really do aime to give the best service and products and, in addition to providing you with a friendly and professional locksmith, our prices are also pocket-friendly.


We understand that when you need a tradesperson, it is important for them to be punctual. At Dr Locks, we pride ourselves on being honest with our customers about timings, and will negotiate with you when the most convenient time is for your job to be done. When you call and book an appointment, we will agree with you the day / time that is best.

Then, before we set off to drive specifically to your job, we will ring or text ahead to make sure you are in and to confirm an exact time of arrival. This gives you the certainly that we will fix your lock in Wetherby when we agreed, and also means that you’re not ‘waiting around’ and can pop to the shops or do other errands until we arrive.

24/7 Emergency Services

There are many times when you need a Locksmith Wetherby in an emergency. When you are locked out of your property it is never convenient. Even less so if it is raining, late or if you have a child or pet inside the house. Other lockout problems can be caused by the key for a mortice lock not working or a broken uPVC door mechanism that has failed. It is also very important that you call a locksmith if there has been a burglary attempt.

When you call Dr. Locks, we will be honest about how long it will take us to get to you (this is not the case with some other larger companies, who may promise a short time frame and then not deliver on this). As a genuinely local and independent locksmith, you can be sure that we will give you the best and most honest service, and at the most competitive price. We want every customer to be happy with us; and this is reflected in our customer reviews that you can read for yourself on google.

Work install British standard, High security and up to date locks

Most people in Wetherby would be genuinely shocked to know that many locks are very insecure, often burglar or an intruder can easily break in using a simple knife or a hammer. Whilst Wetherby and surrounding areas are of course safe, you can save yourself the upset of being a victim of crime, simply by having your locks checked. Mel at Dr. Locks is very happy to have a look at your lock if you can send a picture by whatsapp or email, and a free, quick conversation may well put your mind at ease that your house and possessions are completely secure.

However, if you do have one of the many sub standard locks, it does not need to cost a lot to install for example locks with a basic anti-snap feature. These are recommended by the police as a very important deterrent against break-ins. Alternatively, depending on the type of door ath you have, you may be able to chose high security locks. These come with a 10 year guarantee as standard, and a manufacture’s £2000 guarantee that you won’t be broken into by lock snapping.

On the other hand, you may find that your deadbolts and mortice locks are perfectly fine, and you do not need to upgrade or install new locks. Either way, you can be sure of honest, independent and free advice when you call Dr. Locks and ask us to check how secure and up to date your locks are. Dr Locks provide services for Locksmith York and near by areas.

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