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6 Features of a Professional Locksmith in Pocklington

A Locksmith service is like an emergency service that you might not need very frequently, but when you do it’s hard to know who to call. You can have a problem lock anywhere at home or in the office, or are perhaps looking on behalf of an elderly relative or friend.

Perhaps you have lost a key, or need to have a different lock and keys due to a misunderstanding or a falling out, or happier reasons such as moving into a new house or flat. It may be that you have a lock that’s been ‘sticking’ or working ‘on and off’. If you leave these problems, they generally don’t fix themselves, so the door may have now become stuck.

Whatever the reason, calling the right locksmith can really help to solve your problem at a fair and competitive price, with timings and service to suit you. Calling Dr. Locks if you need a professional locksmith in Pocklington you resolve the problem instantly.

Key features of an experienced locksmith company

A professional locksmith knows what she (or he!) is dealing with and can understand the problem by asking you a few basic questions. At Dr. Locks, Mel and the small group of trusted colleagues have the right tools and parts to open and fix doors, windows, patio or conservatory doors and most lock issues. Following are some of the key features you can expect when you call Dr. Locks for a Locksmith Pocklington.

They are professional

Professionalism is what everyone claims but sometimes they are not. If you look at our reviews on Google or Facebook, you will see that Dr. Locks offers a consistently professional service that can be trusted to do a good job every time. In particular, Mel prides itself on ‘looking after’ all customers, so you can really trust her when fixing a lock for your elderly relatives, or as a landlord who isn’t based on site.

Whatever the job needs, such as labeling the keys, putting in a fire escape lock, changing a key safe number or sending new keys to a different address, we will get this done as part of our excellent customer service.

Provide quality products

We believe that that any locks or parts installed by us should remain to work for a long time to come! That is why, even though once used , we don’t get a ‘return guarantee on parts, Dr. Locks will provide a guarantee on all work and parts for 12 months and usually longer.

We are able to do this because we do the job properly, meaning that any adjustments are done and care information is relayed so that you shouldn’t have any problems in the future. If you do have, feel free to give Mel a call and we will rectify any issues you may be having.

They are an easy access

In some cases, you might require a  Locksmith in Pocklington quite urgently. No one can afford to wait for a locksmith to arrive while being locked out of their house or if you can’t lock the door. When you call Dr. Locks, you will usually speak to Mel who is the locksmith, and if for whatever reason she can’t attend within the time you need, the next person you speak to will be the locksmith who will be on their way to help you.

We’ll always take care to understand waht you need, work to your timescales and be truly honest and transparent with regarding cost and time of arrival. We aim that you will know you’ve put your trust in the right company and will be happy and satisfied that you called us rather than anyone else.

Offer warranty

All work and parts are guaranteed when you call Dr. Locks. This means, that any malfunctioning that occasionally occurs will be rectified easily and simply via a call to Mel on 01759 290059. If there is an issue with something we have done or installed, it will be fixed (in a very pleasant manner!) free of charge at the earliest opportunity.

We genuinely offer a great locksmith service in Pocklington that you are able to trust. Furthermore, if you are purchasing our top quality high security locks, these come with a 10 year manufacturer’s  warranty and 5 keys as standard, giving you the piece of mind that your home or office security will be dealt with effectively.

They are affordable

Times are tough economically at the moment for many people. That is why, if you are on a budget we can still provide you with a decent, professional locksmith service in Pocklington. Dr. Locks is a local company and carries a full range of parts, including some ‘decent budget ranges’, so if money is very tight you do not need to worry that you can’t get the job done that you need at a very reasonable price.

In particular, if your job is an emergency you might be tempted to ring a larger company, believing this will be quicker; however you may pay a much higher price in terms of financial cost, and also potentially a less reliable service or even poor workmanship if they are using unknown subcon

emergency repairs are quite unplanned. A professional locksmith in Pocklington will last longer and they will guide you better about the lock so the price is reasonable as per the work they are providing. A temporary cheaper service on the other hand will cause another issue soon and will cost you much higher. Moreover, many companies offer packages and you can plan for annual inspections for all your home and vehicle locks.

Well trained

A professional Locksmith Easingwold is well trained and has an updated knowledge about different types of locks. He has the right tools and expertise to fix any kind of lock. Additionally, if you are planning on a security upgrade, they will guide you on the best locks as per the type of your door. They are competent and deal with all types of locks from bolt locks to smart locks etc.

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